About Me

I have been a nail technician since 1989. For the first 4 ½ years I worked in a few salons in Walnut Creek. Since the temporary status of many salons puts the technician in a precarious position, I felt that I could best accommodate my client’s needs if I could do two things:

  1. Be flexible with my time and be available to take clients when THEY needed their appointment.
  2. Make better use of my time before, in between and after my scheduled client appointments.
  3. The solution was to take advantage of one of the rooms in my large home and turn it into a studio where I could work with the greatest of flexibility.

I decorated, furnished and dedicated this room strictly for the purpose of expanding my business. I have been quite successful in this endeavor. My next goal was to perfect my techniques in the performance of the services that I provide. I have two areas of expertise. I specialize in manicuring both natural and acrylic nails. This is how the name of my business APPOINTMENTS AT YOUR CONVENIENCE evolved.

I constantly challenge myself to continuously improve my technique. Not only do I love what I do but I also discovered I have the creative ability and skill to be the best at what I do. I enjoy meeting new clients. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard stories from customers who were dissatisfied with services they received in other salons. I feel a wonderful sense of accomplishment when each time I hear a new client, who is very satisfied with her nails; tell me that her only regret is not coming to see me sooner.

I have endeavored to create a comfortable environment for the client and myself. I have become great friends with many of my clients over the years and look forward to their appointment to catch up on our last conversation. Since I work by myself there is privacy for the client that many salons do not offer. More importantly, all of my clients appreciate my undivided attention while I create beautiful nails. Many tell me they look forward to their appointments and think of it as “me time” which is something we all need and deserve on a regular basis. I invite you to experience beautiful long lasting nails created with personal care and attention.